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Four Ways to Alleviate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Now

Discover effective ways to combat chronic fatigue syndrome and regain control of your life.


Meet Tulip

Published 21 Aug 2023

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“Our immune system does not exist in isolation from daily experience.”

Dr. Gabor Mate

The most distressing part of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) might be the uncertainty that accompanies it. Scientists have not figured out a single cause for it. Nor has anyone been able to successfully propose a universal cure. CFS itself is hard to describe. It envelopes a collection of symptoms that overlaps with many other conditions. To pull the dictionary definition, CFS is:

A medical condition of unknown case, with fever, aching, and prolonged tiredness and depression, typically occurring after a viral infection.

This definition itself is a great feat. It has only ben within the last twenty years that the medical community has acknowledged the existence of CFS as a diagnosable condition. For years patients were made to feel like they were making up their symptoms. The term “Yuppie flu” emerged from popular culture to describe these people who were “tired all the time”.
While there is no denying the realness of CFS or the real pain that comes with it, most doctors are still clueless when it comes to treating it. CFS is complex. It shows up differently from patient to patient, and treatment si highly personal.

The most effective treatment for CFS take a holistic approach

Investigating all aspects of a person’s lifestyle from dietary habits to stress levels. If you have been diagnosed with CFS, we suggest working with a holistic medicine practitioner.
The good news is there are steps you can start taking right away to heal your body, strengthen your immune system, and start feeling better now.

1. Address Allergies

Maybe you’ve learned to control your seasonal allergies with over-the-counter medications or monthly shots. Or you’ve come to accept headaches and a congested head as the new normal. If so, you’re not doing your body any favors. Seasonal allergies are a sign of an overworked immune system. Thankfully, in most cases, treating them is a relatively quick fix. Eliminate eggs, dairy, and wheat and replace them with living foods.
That’s a simplification, but for most of us, it’s enough to provide real relief. Eating food that is living in its first state - before it is altered - brings the life in the food into our bodies to renew and strengthen our systems. Whn we flood the body with minerals and fruits and vegetables to boost the immune system, over time the outward symptoms (allergies) dissipate.

2. Heal the Gut

One of the biggest causes of CFS is imbalances in the gut. Patients have too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria. To heal the gut, start by eating a healthy diet that is high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Then consider taking a prebiotic.

3. Eliminate Toxins

You don’t need to work in a factory to be exposed to toxins. If you breathe air or drink water, chances are you’re polluting your body on the regular. Add to this mix the chemicals in our food and clothing, and the picture becomes more clouded.

A few simple ways to start detoxifying your body now includes:

  • Installing an air purification system
  • Installing a water filtration system
  • Replacing chemical cleaners and detergents with natural alternatives
  • Eliminating refined sugar and alcohol

4. Emotional Detox

Our bodies hold difficult memories, stress, and trauma, that if not processed, will start to take its toll on the body. One of the most vital, and often neglected aspects of healing, is tending to our emotional needs. This is real work that is best done under the guidance of a therapist or healing practitioner.

In the meantime, here are a few simple ways to get started:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Sound therapy
  • Therapeutic writing


Meet Tulip

Published 14 Jan 2024